Open Media Vault – Installation

Open Media Vault

Installation Guide

This guide was created for my friend who was new to setting up a server and configuring Open Media Vault, Sickbeard and SABNzb etc. Basically he had been round to my house and said how did you do all those cool things with XBMC and several beers later I offered to so him how and thought that this might help some others as well!

Over the years and it’s been a few. For help and support I’ve used the excellent forums at XBMC and Ubuntu along the way. The guide is my own work but the knowledge in it has been taken mostly from forum posts. So thank you to those communities.

Before you begin

You will need the following things

  • Normal PC which will become our Open Media Vault server- The minimum specs for Open Media Vault can be found on the OMV Wiki
  • At least 1 gig storage device, remember that the ENTIRE device is used.


After using OMV on a compact flash card for a few months I would suggest using an normal HDD as the card will fail, this also applies to a USB pen drive. Please see SerErris comment and link to OMV Forums

  • So don’t install on a large hard drive as you won’t be able to use the rest of the space.

I will say that I was a little disappointed with the speed of this device, although I didn’t check do any research before hand so my own fault really.

I checked it out using the following command. Don’t forget to replace /dev/sda with your device.
sudo hdparm –t /dev/sda

This will give you the speed of the device, so if you have a load of USB pen drives laying about then you can test them until you find the fastest.

You will now need.

  • The latest ISO of Open Media Vault from here
  • Blank CD or another USB

If your using a CD then burn the ISO with your favourite software (Ubuntu/Window Guides)

Using a USB drive then try using UNetbooti

Install Open Media Vault
I’ve recently changed from using an Ubuntu Server to Open Media Vault primarily because of the web user interface and the plug in available – it just makes thing easier.

  • Switch off the Computer
  • Disconnect the hard drive
  • Plug in the USB / Compact Flash / HDD that you are going to install OMV on
  • Switch on the Computer and boot from the USB
  • Some PC’s will do this as default but if not enter BIOS when the system starts usually DEL / F1 / F12
  • Open Media Vault Installation process should start now. Screenshots below and here are my responses to the questions ….
    • English
    • United Kingdon
    • British English
    • Yes – Write Changes to Disk
    • UK Mirror
    • No Proxy
    • Reboot
Installation Boot Menu Choice Screen
Installation Loading Screen
Installation Loading Screen
Language Choice
Location Choice
Almost done just got to write the changes to the disk
Installation Finished!
  • Once that’s all done, remove the USB and shutdown the PC
  • Reconnect the HDD
First boot of your Open Media Vault server
  • Start Up the PC

Open Media Vault will now boot and at the end of the process a IP address will be displayed – make a note of this as this will be the web address for the GUI, in this case it’s

Open Media Vault successfully started

Ok so we have hopefully got a working server now. So the set up can begin – see the next step


5 thoughts on “Open Media Vault – Installation

  1. Jeff

    Great guide, very helpful. One problem I had though was that after selecting my location, the installer didn’t recognize my Realtek RTL8111E NIC and prompted me to select a driver for it from a very disorganized and poorly formatted list. It looks like you made it though this step with no issues, but other might not be so lucky so you may want to give them advice for how to get past this step. I found the correct driver (I think) but now I have to figure out how to get it into this list to install it. Looks like I will have to Google for instructions elsewhere.

    1. Thanks SerErris

      I agree and I moved the OMV installation from the compact flash card to an IDE drive however it seems that I have forgotten to update the user guide.

      I’ll amend straight away.


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